The Most Interesting Color Palette Generators


We must take advantage of the potential of using the best Color Palette Generators, in this way we boost creativity. Many times when I work on several projects without realizing it, I end up using the same colors. This is due to how easy it is to stick to the things that are working and then difficult to leave that comfort zone and dare to use new things, like colors.

So the first thing I thought is if there are already applications that help to search colors palette inspirations. What do we do first? Yes, go to Google for “Color Palette Generator”. The options are many that’s why I had I made this small list showing my Best Color Palette Generator keeping in mind their functionality and interface.


The Most Interesting Color Palette Generators -

Announced as “The super fast color schemes generator”, Coolors offers several options to create the color palette, you can start with your own colors, work with monochromatic palettes or get colors from an image. Coolors has definitely done a great job with this tool, they have an iOS option and a paid plugin. Thanks for making my life easier.

Adobe Color

The Most Interesting Color Palette Generators - Adobe Color

I remember that it was one of the first tools I used, previously known as Kuler. Adobe Color is an online color palette generator that I couldn’t miss in this list. One of the things I like best about this Adobe tool is can save the palettes in the library of your Creative Cloud Account.


The Most Interesting Color Palette Generators - pppalette

Pppalette your friendly color palette generator. A color scheme generator tool that aims to facilitate the process of choosing colors that go well together for our projects. The generator uses different color harmony methods to elaborate the different color palettes.

Material Palette

The Most Interesting Color Palette Generators - Material Palette

Material Palette is a simple generator created as a complement to the creation of Material Design. This generator not only creates simple color palettes. It also gives you suggestions of which primary and secondary colors you can use in your scheme. It becomes more interesting to suggest which colors are most appropriate when comparing backgrounds with texts. Also allows export to CSS, SASS, LESS, SVG, and more.


The Most Interesting Color Palette Generators - Colordot

Colordot is an even simpler color generator. Moving around the screen the color is changing between Hue and Lightness. And with the scroll, you can change the saturation, so clicking you are manually arming your color palette.

Colour Code


Having almost the same interface where the color changes moving the mouse over the screen. Colour Code has a few more tools than its competitor Colordot. It allows to generate harmonies of colors, besides the creation of palettes monochromic, trial, quad, etc. It also allows to export with formats in SCSS, LESS, and PNG.

Color Space

The most favorite Color Palette Generator - Space Color

“Never waste Hours on finding the perfect Color Palette again!” or at least this is what they say but when it comes to colors we fly away, the interesting thing about Color Space is the suggestion of color palettes from a main color and now they have a new option that is a palette of 3 gradients. There I took a few minutes playing with those options.


Considered the largest community where colors are shared reaching more than 8 million members, I must personally say WOW! how many lovers sharing colors, patterns and shapes.

COLOURlovers also has its own color palette generator called COPASO. You should take a look at it just sign up.

The Most Interesting Color Palette Generators - Colorhunt

I’ve only known about this color palette generator for a short time, I discovered Color Hunt recently, their website is simple and well organized, it shows a beautiful color palette list for me it fulfills what they say: “People use Color Hunt to get inspired by colors and find the perfect palette for their projects. Anyone can save their favorite palettes, manage their personal collection and have quick access to copy color codes.

I made a small collection in Instagram in case you want to save it in your profile.

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