Automation – Export a Lot of Previews in Seconds for Free!

Exporting previews should be automated! It’s a tedious task to open and place images inside smart objects and export them one by one, isn’t it?


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Using the following mockup, a Portrait Canvas Mockup with Ratio 2×3. I’ll explain how Export a Lot of Previews in Seconds for Free. It is very important that the images have the right dimensions so that they can be supported.

Image Dimensions

For mockups that require large images, I usually reduce the size of the images by 50%, so the mockup won’t weigh too much and doesn’t lose the quality of the image. Based on the above, the following you’re about to do will make this automation work PERFECTLY and optimally.

In this example, I reduced to 50% the dimensions of the images to use the Portrait Canvas Ratio 2×3 Mockup 02 – 0.75 In Edge.psd

Image DPI: 300

Artwork size: 20×30 cm – 8×12 In – 2363×3544 px



Once we have our images in the correct dimensions and DPI, we will proceed to customize the mockup, you can increase or decrease shadows, brightness and change the color and texture of the background.

How to use the Script?

Select the Smart Object layer where your images will be inserted, in this case, I will use “Canvas Layout – Mirror Wrap”.


Script replace_smartobject_image.js

This SCRIPT created by @Circle B (Right Click and Select Save Link As, download the Script) allows you to replace images inside the smart object and export a batch of images that you can then pass through the Smart Objects in the PSD before running them, and then export each image with its own unique name, all in a matter of minutes, or maybe seconds, depending on your computer’s speed and the number of images.

Search for the Script, so you must go to the Main Menu and select File / Scripts / Browse



Inside the bundle folder, there is another folder called “Export Automation Script“, select and load the file named replace_smartobject_image.js (Right Click and Select Save Link As, download the Script)



A new window will open where you will search and select all the images that you want to use in the canvas mockup.


After pressing the OK button Photoshop will process the images and this can take several minutes, I recommend you to leave some free memory so it doesn’t take so long. My recommendation is, reduce the size of the mockup so that your images are exported with the optimal size for what you are going to use them for, and this way the automation will be done faster.



We need to make this work more agile in order to save time, which equals money.

Please let me know what version of Photoshop you used and how many images you processed if you want to help me update this post. I have only tested this script in Photoshop CC 20.0.6.

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