About Me

Hey, I’m Carlos Viloria, and I’m a Systems Engineer by degree. But for the past 14 years, I’ve been working as a Freelance Designer, specializing in Mockups and Graphic Templates. Over the years, I’ve honed my skills in Product Photography, Photoshop, 3D, WordPress, Web Design, and SEO. My passion for visual presentations of products and web design drives me to create high-quality, eye-catching mockups and templates that help my clients achieve their goals.

The Heart of the Process: Careful Planning

I started to create these digital products since 2008 being a fool discovering the possibilities of creative things I could do in Photoshop, I being a Systems Engineer was not much I knew about Design, but when I discovered the creation of mockups called me much attention because I could practice a little the realization of the design of graphic pieces and at the same time look for the most realistic way to visualize it. Creating mockups is a complex process that requires a variety of different skills and techniques. Over time I’ve developed an understanding of the many moving parts that go into creating a successful digital product in this case mockup products in major part of time.

At the heart of the process is careful planning. Before I ever pick up a camera or start tinkering in Photoshop, I take the time to really understand the client’s needs and goals. What are they trying to achieve with their mockup? What is their target audience, and how can we create something that speaks directly to them?

Once the planning is done, it’s time to get to work. Crafts, photography, graphic design, web design, and Photoshop editing all come into play as I bring the mockup to life. Each step of the way, I’m carefully honing my skills and learning new techniques that will help me create even better designs in the future.

Versatile and Meticulous: My Graphic Products on Multiple Marketplaces

As a freelance designer, I’m always on the lookout for new ways to share my creations with the world. That’s why I’m excited to offer my graphic products not just in my own store, but also on a variety of popular marketplaces like Creative Market, Filter Grade, GraphicRiver.

One of the things that sets my products apart is their versatility. My Mockups, in particular, are beloved by a wide range of clients for their ability to showcase everything from stunning photography on canvas to sleek UI designs and bold branding elements.

Of course, it’s not just about looking great, it’s also about being functional. I’m meticulous about the details and organization of each and every one of my products. For example in the creation of a mockup product I carefully separating the shadows and brightness into different layers, to renaming and organizing the layers into folders depending on their function, this allows all my mockups to have the same structure. I take pride in creating products that are not only visually stunning, but also highly functional and easy to use.