How to use JavaScript file to Automate Export task in Photoshop

This is a second example I made to show How to use JavaScript file to automate export task in Photoshop for several images in a few simple steps. A quick guide to saving time when you use mockups and have to export multiple designs from the same file.

Here is a quick guide if you have never used Photoshop scripts before. Since most mockups use Smart Objects where the design or photo is placed, the process is time-consuming. Luckily, there is a Free JavaScript (Right Click and Select Save Link As, download the Script) file that does it all automatically for Photoshop. Learn how to use it.

This is another tutorial I had made if you want something more detailed in writing about the steps.

If you liked this trick or know another tool to speed up the work in Photoshop, let me know which one it is. I leave you the publication on Instagram so you can let me know what you thought.



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