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Automation – Exporting Numerous Previews in Seconds!

Optimize your mockup export process with this free script file: Automation Replace Smart Object Script. Generate multiple previews of your designs in seconds. This script simplifies the tedious task of opening, placing images in smart objects, and exporting them one by one. Plus, now with the option to export in JPG and PNG formats, you have even more flexibility to adapt to your project needs. Improve your efficiency and save valuable time with our mockup export automation script.

How to Use the Updated Script:

  1. Open the PSD Mockup: Begin by opening the PSD mockup file in Adobe Photoshop.
  2. Load the Script: Load the script into Photoshop by navigating to File > Scripts > Browse and selecting the script file.
  3. Specify Smart Object Layer Name: Upon loading the script, you’ll be prompted to specify the name of the layer that references the smart object where you’ll place the image.
  4. Select Images: Choose the images you want to showcase in the mockup. These images will be placed within the smart object layer specified earlier.
    • The script will then proceed to export the images in the same folder as the PSD file.
  5. Batch Exporting: Once the export process for the current PSD is complete, the script will prompt you to select the next PSD file for export. However, it will reuse the same batch of images previously selected, streamlining the process for efficiency.

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