Ready-to-use Graphics Resource to Inspire Distance Education


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Schools worldwide have closed in response to COVID-19 which probably has been driving you a little bit crazy with your kids all day at home while you are trying to work. 

Even though the amount of educational graphics resource posted on the internet is huge, sometimes trying to find daily easy and playful ways to keep children occupied and comfortable can be not as easy as expected so here it is, a compiled list of resources to help you choose options that are not only educational but also entertaining during this uncertain period of self-isolation. 

All these files are handpicked graphics and templates that are easy to customize in tools like Photoshop, Illustrator, or Canva. To sum, the following list shows the main categories you will be able to explore.

Arts & Music

These are some of the most beautiful and functional designs to streamline and bring creative life to your art and music lessons. Incline children to develop their creative talents and imagination.

English Language Arts

These graphic designs and templates make it easy to learn to read, write, listen, and speak with self-confidence.

Foreign Languages

Learning a new language can be fun with the right tools, check out these ready-to-use illustrations, designs and more.


These are some icons, graphics, illustrations and patterns, to help students learn numbers, arithmetic, geometry, trigonometry and math problem solving.


Inspire children to learn science they are our future scientists, this collection has icons, diagrams, and illustrations, nature, earth, space, and human sciences.

graphic resources for education

graphic resources for education
graphic resources for education

Ready-to-use Graphics Resource for Inspired Distance Education - Science

Social Studies and History

Beautiful and colorful map designs, illustrations, posters, and more digital resources to creatively teach the history and geography of the world. Explore maps, icons and diagrams to enhance your lessons.

Social Studies and History

Social Studies and History
Social Studies and History

Social Studies and History

On the web, there are a lot of graphic resources focused on teaching I hope you liked these I selected and do creative things for your classes.

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