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Ready-to-use Graphics Resource to Inspire Distance Education

Disclosure: this post may contain affiliate links, meaning I get a comission if you decide to make a purchase through my links, at no cost to you.

Schools worldwide have closed in response to COVID-19 which probably has been driving you a little bit crazy with your kids all day at home while you are trying to work. 

Even though the amount of educational graphics resource posted on the internet is huge, sometimes trying to find daily easy and playful ways to keep children occupied and comfortable can be not as easy as expected so here it is, a compiled list of resources to help you choose options that are not only educational but also entertaining during this uncertain period of self-isolation. 

All these files are handpicked graphics and templates that are easy to customize in tools like Photoshop, Illustrator, or Canva. To sum, the following list shows the main categories you will be able to explore.

Arts & Music

These are some of the most beautiful and functional designs to streamline and bring creative life to your art and music lessons. Incline children to develop their creative talents and imagination.

English Language Arts

These graphic designs and templates make it easy to learn to read, write, listen, and speak with self-confidence.

Foreign Languages

Learning a new language can be fun with the right tools, check out these ready-to-use illustrations, designs and more.


These are some icons, graphics, illustrations and patterns, to help students learn numbers, arithmetic, geometry, trigonometry and math problem solving.


Inspire children to learn science they are our future scientists, this collection has icons, diagrams, and illustrations, nature, earth, space, and human sciences.

graphic resources for education

graphic resources for education
graphic resources for education

Ready-to-use Graphics Resource for Inspired Distance Education - Science

Social Studies and History

Beautiful and colorful map designs, illustrations, posters, and more digital resources to creatively teach the history and geography of the world. Explore maps, icons and diagrams to enhance your lessons.

Social Studies and History

Social Studies and History
Social Studies and History

Social Studies and History

On the web, there are a lot of graphic resources focused on teaching I hope you liked these I selected and do creative things for your classes.

Best Canvas Mockups Templates Collection

Disclosure: This post may contain affiliate links, meaning I get a commission if you decide to make a purchase through my links, at no cost to you.

Any artist, illustrator, designer, any abstract guy who visualizes his thoughts in strokes, will enjoy watching this Beautiful Canvas Mockups Templates Collection, they are photoshop files that will help you create photo-realistic, beautiful, and over beautiful scenes, where better fits your final product.

Create presentations of your digital designs on real-life objects, nowadays is very simple using Mockups, many of them initially have been created to use in Photoshop, their use usually is to place your design or photo inside a Smart Object the rest happens by magic.

When I was creating my own Canvas Mockups package -the first one on the list-, I realized that there are many needs to be met to cover all the styles and types of canvas that are designed today. Between my package and the rest listed in this Canvas Mockups Templates Collection, so many take into account the types of wrap that handle the Canvas, others allow you to create beautiful scenarios with your designs and there are also some Canvas Mockups Templates that allow you to show the quality from a more detailed/close-up way thanks to its great resolution.

Best Print Canvas Mockups

1. Canvas Mockups Bundle

Canvas Mockups Templates Collection

Purchase on My Store or Creative Market

This package of Canvas mockups was designed to help you present your photos, collage, artworks, illustrations, in the most realistic and high-quality way, each Photoshop Canvas Mockup included in this bundle will give your clients a photo-realistic idea of how the final product will look once it is finished.

2. Luxury Interior Canvas Print Mockups

Canvas Mockups Templates Collection by Carlos Viloria

Purchase on Creative Market

Creatsy in his big collection of mockups has this Bundle that includes 15 interiors and a separate PSD file with many sizes of canvases ready to insert to the scenes.

3. Canvas on Easel Stand

Purchase on Creative Market

This Easel Stand with Canvas 40″x30″ and 30″x40″ Set allows you to quickly display your designs and layouts into a digital photo realistic showcase.

4. Thick Canvas Prints Mockup By Creatsy

Purchase on Creative Market

Creatsy guys also have a package that includes 32 .psd files with front standing, front hanging, angled hanging and standing at the wall canvases – enlarge and scroll down the second screenshot to check all sizes! canvas thickness 2-inch sizes: 60×45″, 48×36″, 40×30″, 24×18″ vertical and horizontal;

5. Canvas Print Size Comparison Mockup

Purchase on Creative Market

6. Canvas Print Generator Room Edition

Purchase on Creative Market

7. Multiple Canvas Prints Mockup Set

Canvas Mockups Templates Collection by Carlos Viloria

Purchase on Creative Market

Best Print Canvas Mockups to display photos, artworks, sketches, and abstract paints.

Best Frame Canvas Mockups

1. Poster Frame Mockup Set

Purchase on Creative Market

GreatFruit team has designed these really nice and stylish scenes that are included in this beautiful Bundle of Poster Frame Mockups. Set of 15 Poster Frame PSD Layered Mockups in the interior.

2. The Golden Frame mockup BUNDLE

Purchase on Creative Market

White Hart Design Co. has created 9 frame mock-ups, 7 in portrait orientation, and 2 in landscape orientation. All files come as PSD with smart object, High res PNG and JPEG. Also are compatible with other software like Affinity and Canva.

3. Frames & Walls Scandinavian Bundle

Canvas Mockups Templates Collection by Carlos Viloria

Purchase on Creative Market

Perfect for Branding your creation or business. Frame mockups good to use for shop owners, artists, creative people, bloggers, who want to advertise or show their latest design!

4. Bright Nursery Frame Mockup Bundle

Purchase on Creative Market

3 PSD file with a Smart Object layer in Photoshop for you to place in your design very easily. The mockup is accurately edited to achieve a final realistic look with calibrated shadows, luminosity, and angles.

5. Frame Mockup Kit Extended

Purchase on Creative Market

A highly-requested follow up to our previous releases, the Extended version of our Frame Mockup Kit allows you to work with all image sizes and any number of frames to create beautiful artwork mockups with just a few clicks.

6. 200 Frame Canvas Mockup Bundle

Canvas Mockups Templates Collection by Carlos Viloria

Purchase on Creative Market

FoundImages team says that they have invested a lot of time in photo shooting, retouching, testing with various frames and styles to get that additional level of photorealism to release this bundle with 4 x Scene Creator and 200 premade scenes.

7. 500 Frame Mockup Bundle

Purchase on Creative Market

I can’t imagine how much this big package must weigh, but chances are you won’t ever need a new mockup for frame canvas. This bundle is not a scene creator, all mockups are created from 3D rendered photos so any frame and objects are not movable.

8. Saguaro – Picture Frame Mockup Ultra Bundle

Purchase on Creative Market

Picture Frame Mockup Ultra Bundle by Saguaro Digital. The Saguaro Ultra series aims to showcase your work in a natural and realistic setting. Creating mockups has never been easier! Simply place your art into the frame using smart objects and adjust to your liking.

9. Peko – Frame Mockup Creator Kit

Purchase on Creative Market

A modern customizable showcase for your prints or artwork, ‘Peko’ is your one-stop solution to beautiful previews in only a few short steps. Simply drop in your artwork and by only switching layers on/off, you can create the mockups seen here in seconds.

10. Frame Mockup Trilogy Bundle 02

Purchase on Creative Market

Positvtplus have this great bundle with the unique scene will make your artwork look more outstanding, really easy to use by using any graphic editor like Photoshop, gimp, to create awesome presentations in High Resolution makes the perfect view.

Best Frame Canvas Mockups to visualize your photos, artworks, sketches, and abstract paints as in a real life impression.

Do you know any other bundles you think we should put on the list?
Thank you for visiting my blog and reading this article! I highly appreciate it! Now you might want to check these mockups for your presentations.

Top 8 Best Free InDesign Templates Sites

I want to share with you this Top 8 sites to download free InDesign templates for book, magazine, brochures, newsletters and more, all in InDesign format. InDesign was created to design printed documents with many pages. For example brochures, newsletters, magazines, books, and even business cards. In other words, stands out for projects that require several pages.

The design of InDesign files can be time-consuming and more especially if you’re looking for a truly professional style. However, there are some websites that are dedicated exclusively to this type of content and have on their pages a catalog of free InDesign templates which are looking great.

1. Stock InDesign

Free InDesign Template Sites - Stock Indesign

Stock InDesign is a site with an exclusive collection of templates for InDesign with exceptional quality, most templates are part of their premium plan. But, have a varied catalog of free templates. From magazine templates to InDesign book templates, you’ll find everything in your catalog. But if your gifts don’t offer what you’re looking for, a wide selection of premium InDesign templates are also available.

2. InDesignSkills

Free InDesign Template Sites - Indesign Skills

InDesign Skills is a really interesting site dedicated 100% to everything related to InDesign templates. This platform has very well developed tutorials for learning how to use this tool and also has a collection of beautifully designed templates totally free. In his collection, they has templates for Books, Brochures, Resumes, Magazines, Business Cards.

3. Best InDesign Templates

Free InDesign Template Sites - Best Indesign Templates

Best Indesign Templates develop professionally templates for web and print. They have a large collection of professionally designed layouts, brochures, magazines, newsletters, flyers, resumes, newspapers, portfolios and more! Those who are just starting out with InDesign will find helpful documentation on this site.

4. Pagination

Free InDesign Template Sites - Pagination

The Pagination website has a section called Resources, they have created a large list of free InDesign Templates, which are perfect if you are looking to speed up the creation of your catalogues or price lists.

5. Design Freebies

Free InDesign Template Sites - Design Freebies

Design Freebies is a website providing to everyone tutorials, stock images, vector graphics, 3d models, web templates, desktop themes, wallpapers, icons, and what this article is about InDesign templates.

6. is a platform to purchase templates for all kind of projects you need to create. Has a wide variety of all types of templates in many formats with professional designs.

7. HubSpot


Design a quality book requires a lot of time, effort and dedication, that means money. Fortunately, HubSpot offers us six beautiful book template designs in different formats including InDesign. Most importantly, these are complete templates including both covers and the body.

8. Stock Layouts

Stock Layouts have an impressive array of premium design templates on their platform but also have a Free Template of each category as Brochure, flyer, business card, newsletter and much more.

After all, once you finish the design you can download some mockups and create an elegant presentation.

I want to share with you this Top 8 sites to download free InDesign templates for book, magazine, brochures, newsletters and more, all in InDesign format.

Or InDesign Premium Templates.

This list of free InDesign templates is quite small, but understand that quality designs take a good amount of time. And as I told you before, time is money.

So, if you’re looking for something very specific, you may have to be prepared to invest some cash. When it comes to buying premium InDesign templates. Hey! It won’t break your pocket.

These are some sites that I can recommend you if you are looking for something from the paid option of InDesign templates:

  • Stock InDesign: As mentioned above is dedicated exclusively to designing InDesign templates and its paid section is exquisite. You’ll find everything from catalogs to invoice templates.
  • Envato Market: This is one of the largest markets for everything related to web design and graphics that exist today. Their InDesign section is pretty small, but there are some very highly rated designs over there.
  • Creative Market: Another great market that daily launches great content and quality resources, including InDesign templates (Don’t forget filter .indd files). It currently has thousands of high-quality templates and amazing designs to choose from, be sure to filter choosing .indd file type.

Top Free Stock Photo Sites

Discover in this article the biggest collection of Free Stock Photo sites to use in personal and commercial projects. Through the images, we can represent our ideas, concepts, and reality. Me as a web designer and mockup artisan I know that. And also every designer of apparel, Image and Sound or Advertising needs high-quality photos in full resolution to use as a medium or contribution to the message.

I always have to create designs for mockups and I find myself tired seeing the same images of elegant people smiling or shaking hands in a meeting room. You know how tedious it’s to search for impacting images for our project, different, natural, familiar, that represent what we really do in our day. Luckily for us, in recent years have been launched new websites that offer stock of free images.

And can be used freely?

Many of the photos on these sites are free of copyright restrictions under the creative commons public domain dedication license. This means that you can use them any way you want: modify, copy, distribute and perform, even for commercial purposes, all without asking permission. However, there will be images that require retribution so it is your task to determine which one is best for you to use in your project.

1. Unsplash

Unsplash - The internet’s source of freely usable images.

Unsplash is an elegant and very fluid site that offers a large library of thousands of high-quality photos. The community daily add new photos, save the new photos you like for future projects. All the photos published on Unsplash can be used for free and you can use them for commercial and non-commercial purposes.

2. Pexels

Top Free Stock Photo Sites - Pexels

Pexels is not just a free platform of stock photos, but also have a high-quality videos. They create challenges to motivate photographers to bring new content. A site easy to navigate with a content nicely sorted. All photos are free to use for personal an commercial purpose.

3. Kaboom Pics

Top Free Stock Photo Sites - Kaboompics

Kaboompics is a site where you can find images that represent the lifestyle, interior design and much more, coming from the inspiration of a girl with a very good eye photographic moments, she says she is here to help you visualize your world, your business, and your ideas for life. The site I really liked is super easy to use and has some interesting search filters.

4. Burst

Top Free Stock Photo Sites - Burst

Burst is a free photo stock platform powered by Shopify. A huge library that currently includes thousands of photos totally free in high resolution. Most important for any use, both personal and commercial. A project thought for designers, developers and bloggers.

5. Pixabay

Top Free Stock Photo Sites - Pixabay

Pixabay is a vibrant community of creatives who share royalty-free photos, illustrations, vectors, and videos. The content is published under the Pixabay License, making it safe to use for personal and commercial purposes.

6. Reshot

Top Free Stock Photo Sites - Reshot

Reshot is a platform to share a sample of the best works of the best emerging photographers in the world for free use in creative projects. Creatives who need visual content can explore and download freely for commercial and personal use.

7. FoodiesFeed

Top Free Stock Photo Sites - FoodiesFeed

Foodiesfeed is a site with beautiful photos of food. They give a more natural touch to what we want to represent with the photos. In addition, the content is under the Creative Commons Zero (CC0) license.


Top Free Stock Photo Sites - StockSnap

StockSnap contains a big collection of high-quality photos. The platform is open, so daily new photos are uploaded to the catalog for contributors. The site contains a good filter which allows to speed up the search as needed. Images are under creative commons public domain – no attribution required.

9. Picjumbo

Top Free Stock Photo Sites - Picjumbo

Picjumbo is a great project that started in 2013 and is one of the biggest sites I know about free stock photos that can be used personal and commercial projects. All the high-resolution stock images, backgrounds, and stock photos are free of charge, with no watermark.

10. Moose

Top Free Stock Photo Sites - Moose

Moose is a really interesting project for those looking for something with a more corporate and formal style, this platform has a collection of realistic photo collage in a single style.

Hey! Check out this huge collection of free stock photos sites. #freestockphoto

11. MMT STock

Top Free Stock Photo Sites - MMT STock

12. SkitterPhoto

Top Free Stock Photo Sites - SkitterPhoto

13. Life of Pix

Top Free Stock Photo Sites - Life of Pix

14. Little Visuals

Top Free Stock Photo Sites - Little Visuals

15. Picography

Top Free Stock Photo Sites - Picography


Top Free Stock Photo Sites - Free stock photos

17. Jay Mantri

Top Free Stock Photo Sites - Jay Mantri

18. Gratisography

Top Free Stock Photo Sites - Gratisography

19. Epicantus

Top Free Stock Photo Sites - Epicantus

20. ISO Republic

Top Free Stock Photo Sites - ISO Republic

21. Freerange Stock

Freerange Stock

22. Visual Hunt

Visual Hunt

23. Magdeleine


24. Startup Stock Photos

Startup Stock Photos

25. pngtree

Top Free Stock Photo Sites - pngtree

26. Public Domain Pictures

Public Domain Pictures

27. picspree


28. New Old Stock

New Old Stock

29. Freebiespic


30. pikwizard

Top Free Stock Photo Sites -

The Most Interesting Color Palette Generators

We must take advantage of the potential of using the best Color Palette Generators, in this way we boost the creativity. Many times when I work on several projects without realizing it, I end up using the same colors. This is due to how easy it is to stick to the things that are working and then difficult to leave that comfort zone and dare to use new things, like colors.

So the first thing I thought is if there are already applications that help to search colors palette inspirations. What do we do first? Yes, go to Google for “Color Palette Generator”. The options are many that’s why I had I made this small list showing my Best Color Palette Generator keeping in mind their functionality and interface.


The Most Interesting Color Palette Generators -

Announced as “The super fast color schemes generator”, Coolors offers several options to create the color palette, you can start with your own colors, work with monochromatic palettes or get colors from an image. Coolors has definitely done a great job with this tool, they have an iOS option and a paid plugin. Thanks for making my life easier.

Adobe Color

The Most Interesting Color Palette Generators - Adobe Color

I remember that it was one of the first tools I used, previously known as Kuler. Adobe Color is an online color palette generator that I couldn’t miss in this list. One of the I like best about this Adobe tool is can save the palettes in the library of your Creative Cloud Account.

Material Palette

The Most Interesting Color Palette Generators - Material Palette

Material Palette is a simple generator created as a complement to the creation of Material Design. This generator not only creates simple color palettes. It also gives you suggestions of which primary and secondary colors you can use in your scheme. It becomes more interesting to suggest which colors are most appropriate when comparing backgrounds with texts. Also allows export to CSS, SASS, LESS, SVG, and more.


The Most Interesting Color Palette Generators - Colordot

Colordot is an even simpler color generator. Moving around the screen the color is changing between Hue and Lightness. And with the scroll, you can change the saturation, so clicking you are manually arming your color palette.

Colour Code

The Most Interesting Color Palette Generators - Colour Code

Having almost the same interface where the color changes moving the mouse over the screen. Colour Code has a few more tools than its competitor Colordot. It allows to generate harmonies of colors, besides the creation of palettes monochromic, trial, quad, etc. It also allows to export with formats in SCSS, LESS, and PNG.

Color Space

The most favorite Color Palette Generator - Space Color

“Never waste Hours on finding the perfect Color Palette again!” or at least this is what they say but when it comes to colors we fly away, the interesting thing about Color Space is the suggestion of color palettes from a main color and now they have a new option that is a palette of 3 gradients. There I took a few minutes playing with those options.


Considered the largest community where colors are shared reaching more than 8 million members, I must personally say WOW! how many lovers sharing colors, patterns and shapes.

COLOURlovers also has its own color palette generator called COPASO. You should take a look at it just sign up.

The Most Interesting Color Palette Generators - Colorhunt

I’ve only known about this color palette generator for a short time, I discovered Color Hunt recently, their website is simple and well organized, it shows a beautiful color palette list for me it fulfills what they say: “People use Color Hunt to get inspired by colors and find the perfect palette for their projects. Anyone can save their favorite palettes, manage their personal collection and have quick access to copy color codes.

I made a small collection in Instagram in case you want to save it in your profile.