Top 8 Best Free InDesign Templates Sites

I want to share with you these Top 8 sites to download free InDesign templates for books, magazines, brochures, newsletters, and more, all in InDesign format. InDesign was created to design printed documents with many pages. For example brochures, newsletters, magazines, books, and even business cards. In other words, stands out for projects that require several pages.

The design of InDesign files can be time-consuming and more especially if you’re looking for a truly professional style. However, there are some websites that are dedicated exclusively to this type of content and have on their pages a catalog of free InDesign templates which are looking great.

1. Stock InDesign


Free Indesign Template Sites - Stock Indesign

Stock InDesign is a site with an exclusive collection of templates for InDesign with exceptional quality, most templates are part of their premium plan. But, have a varied catalog of free templates. From magazine templates to InDesign book templates, you’ll find everything in your catalog. But if your gifts don’t offer what you’re looking for, a wide selection of premium InDesign templates are also available.


2. InDesignSkills


Free Indesign Template Sites - Indesign Skills

InDesign Skills is a really interesting site dedicated 100% to everything related to InDesign templates. This platform has very well-developed tutorials for learning how to use this tool and also has a collection of beautifully designed templates totally free. In his collection, they have templates for Books, Brochures, Resumes, Magazines, Business Cards.


3. Best InDesign Templates


Free Indesign Template Sites - Best Indesign Templates

Best Indesign Templates develop professional templates for web and print. They have a large collection of professionally designed layouts, brochures, magazines, newsletters, flyers, resumes, newspapers, portfolios, and more! Those who are just starting out with InDesign will find helpful documentation on this site.


4. Pagination


Free Indesign Template Sites - Pagination

The Pagination website has a section called Resources, they have created a large list of free InDesign Templates, which are perfect if you are looking to speed up the creation of your catalogs or price lists.


5. Design Freebies


Free Indesign Template Sites - Design Freebies

Design Freebies is a website providing to everyone tutorials, stock images, vector graphics, 3d models, web templates, desktop themes, wallpapers, icons, and what this article is about InDesign templates.


6. is a platform to purchase templates for all kinds of projects you need to create. Has a wide variety of all types of templates in many formats with professional designs.


7. HubSpot



Design a quality book requires a lot of time, effort, and dedication, which means money. Fortunately, HubSpot offers us six beautiful book template designs in different formats including InDesign. Most importantly, these are complete templates including both covers and the body.


8. Stock Layouts


Stock Layouts have an impressive array of premium design templates on their platform but also have a Free Template of each category as Brochure, flyer, business card, newsletter, and much more.

After all, once you finish the design you can download some mockups and create an elegant presentation.



I want to share with you this Top 8 sites to download free InDesign templates for book, magazine, brochures, newsletters and more, all in InDesign format.



Or InDesign Premium Templates.

This list of free InDesign templates is quite small, but understand that quality designs take a good amount of time. And as I told you before, time is money.

So, if you’re looking for something very specific, you may have to be prepared to invest some cash. When it comes to buying premium InDesign templates. Hey! It won’t break your pocket.

These are some sites that I can recommend you if you are looking for something from the paid option of InDesign templates:


  • Stock InDesign: As mentioned above is dedicated exclusively to designing InDesign templates and its paid section is exquisite. You’ll find everything from catalogs to invoice templates.


  • Envato Market: This is one of the largest markets for everything related to web design and graphics that exist today. Their InDesign section is pretty small, but there are some very highly rated designs over there.


  • Creative Market: Another great market that daily launches great content and quality resources, including InDesign templates (Don’t forget filter .indd files). It currently has thousands of high-quality templates and amazing designs to choose from, be sure to filter choosing .indd file type.