Triptych Canvas Ratio 1×2 Mockup – Living Room Scenes 01




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This Triptych Canvas Ratio 1×2 Mockup – Living Room Scenes 01 file is perfect for art enthusiasts, painters or illustrators looking to showcase their creations in the most captivating way. This product offers you a high resolution canvas along with 6 scenes to showcase the canvas in more realistic settings, with each scene featuring the canvas in realistic living room environments with varying decorating styles. This mockup is made to automatically split photographs, artwork and illustrations into 3 canvas panels.

Product features:

  • Canvas Panel Size: 12×24 In
  • Canvas Panel Ratio: 1:2
  • Easy customization through Smart Objects
  • Color: RGB / sRGB IEC61966-2.1
  • PSD file organized.
  • Designed with a touch of minimalism and photorealism

Ease of customization is at the heart of this mockup. With Smart Objects, you can effortlessly personalize your canvas, adjusting background, shadows, and brightness effects through separate layers. Plus, it’s compatible with both Photoshop and Photopea, ensuring accessibility for various design preferences. If you work with landscape images, you’ll appreciate how the mockup automatically splits your image into the three-panel canvas format, saving you time and effort.

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