Front Floater Frame Canvas Mockup – Ratio 2×3




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The Front Floater Frame Canvas Mockup – Ratio 2×3 offers a meticulously crafted digital solution, serving as your gateway to an elevated showcase for digital art, photography, and creative designs. Seamlessly blending professionalism with aesthetic finesse, it sets the stage for unparalleled digital presentation.


  • Panel Ratio: 2×3
  • Diverse Frame Styles: Natural Oak, Light Maple, White, Black Oak, Silver Oak, Gold Oak, Black Walnut, Dark Walnut, Tobacco, and Brass Gold.
  • Individual Controls: brightness, shadow, and textures on separate layers for a tailored visual experience.
  • Color Profile: sRGB IEC61966-2.1
  • 6 Scene Backgrounds
  • Smart Object Efficiency: Experience seamless and efficient editing, thanks to the intuitive use of Smart Objects.

Immerse your digital creations in sophistication and authenticity by acquiring the Floating Frame Canvas Mockup. Visualize the advantages of precise control over every element, diverse frame styles for aesthetic alignment, and a hassle-free editing experience. Elevate your artworks to new heights, transforming the ordinary into extraordinary with a purchase that focuses on enhancing your digital storytelling journey.

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