Magazine Mockup (Free PSD) [Upgraded]

Today for the Free Stuff Friday, is an upgrade of a old file called Magazine Mockup, is totally layout and full customizable, the shadows, brightness and perspective of the smart-object have been improved, download it again, is very cool and I’m sure you will serve to present many of your magazine designs, This mockups is designed for magazines with documents size: A4 , then tell me what you think and don’t forget to share.

Photoshop Version: CS4 or Higher.
Photography: Paolo Neoz

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Oh come on! you’ve found this file for free, a donation would make me very happy

  • web2feeds

    Okay, shared. Thanks! :)

  • E-commerce Themes

    This is great for people who fond of reading magazines. This is perfect for their designs.

  • Yesta @graphic arts

    nice collection!

  • Roberto Jorge

    Great Free Resource!!! :) Thanks for sharing

  • d

    how to you place the images so they fit correctly? thanks

  • Carlos Viloria

    Hello d, You Must use a version CS4 or higher to make it work well.
    Considering the above only need to right click on the layer marked in purple, and then select edit content.

  • luisa

    hi, i shared but i didnt get the download how i can download it?? need it fast! thanks

  • Carlos Viloria

    Hi Luisa is very rare not work for you, but if you write me via email[contact section], I can give you a download link.
    Best regards

  • maia

    great i shared but i didnt get the download

  • Carlos Viloria

    which one did you use to share, facebook or twitter?

  • Nora Reed

    This is so beautiful layout of magazine :) i am gonna to download!! thanks for sharing this amazing freebie!!

  • maia

    facebook, thnxx

  • Bojan Živković

    I appreciate all freebies, but what mean back link is required? If I publish my magazine using your template, I must provide link to your portfolio? That’s crazy!!

  • Carlos Viloria

    Hi Bojan don’t worry about that, I’ve been reviewing and I will change that, I’m correcting some site settings and among those that policy would be removed.

    Edit: Done. already you can check again the conditions.

  • Bojan Živković

    OK, thanks, I twitted, facebooked your template, it is awful to send people to links where author ask for links on final product, it is not freebie, it is freebie: take a look what I can do!

  • Bojan Živković

    here is fb link for example, usually 30-40 people reach link

  • Carlos Viloria

    Thank you very much, i’m glad you like, I hope you find it helpful.

  • Ian Douglas

    Hi, I tweeted this but didn’t get a download link

  • Carlos Viloria

    Check again ;)

  • Heather

    Hi, I love this mockup and would like to download it. I clicked on the FB like but it didn’t download. Can you please help? Thanks.

  • Carlos Viloria

    Hey Heather could be problem from your browser, refresh the page and try again ;)

  • Jeron

    Got it, Thanks!

  • pete

    Thanks for mockups, very useful.

  • Yogesh Dhiman

    Thanks.. :)

  • Carlos Viloria

    you’re welcome :)

  • agustinmerello

    Muchas gracias! :)

  • thomasb

    Great, Thx!

  • McNgugi

    Awsome mockuos… more magazine mockups!

  • fff666

    great work!

  • Jessica


  • Kathy

    Extremely beautiful. Thanks!

  • Kuno

    very nice, and easy to use Thank you

  • soma


  • Zinda Fagil

    in kiswahilli we say ‘Asante sana’ meaning ‘thank you very much!’

  • Carlos Viloria

    you’re welcome Zinda, I’m glad you like it ;)

  • Josh Sayer

    Thank you so much :)

  • JengzNrokz

    Very useful for me thank you :)

  • reke

    Thanks soooo muchhh!!!……your the best

  • Minisanewal Mekonnen

    those r really nice.

  • emilio

    Your work is very good Thank you for shering!!!

  • nbrummerstedt

    Thank you for sharing this beautiful resource – unfortunately, the left page messed too much with the resource file for me (text columns of even width) .. The thing is skewed/warped so much, that the proportions are not correct anymore.
    If anyone else has this problem, it can be solved with a simple transform of the layer, and then switching to “warp mode”

  • Carlos Viloria

    Hi nbrummerstedt please contact me via contact form and show me your problem with some screenshot :)
    so I can help.

    Carlos Viloria

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  • Eslam saber

    thanks a lot for the mock up

  • Carlos Viloria

    you’re welcome, enjoy it!

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