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Create A7 Envelope Card Mockup in 3 minutes – Tutorial

In this tutorial, you will learn how to create a mockup to present an A7 Envelope Card using a free stock photo. Looking to improve the presentation of your designs using stock photos I’m going to help you with that by teaching you how to use the right tools, with this article I start a series of quick tutorials to create product mockups that help improve the presentation of our designs and totally free!

This is something that many creatives are doing to show off their stores at Etsy, Creative Market, portfolios, or their own websites.

Why do I call them Fast Tutorials? Well, you will notice it in the video, I don’t want to bore you with a 16 minutes video watching me use Photoshop, my intention is to show you the process but also to point out the tools and steps to do. In this article I’ll be showing you some secret mixes using Photoshop to create mockups:

  • Where to find stock images for product mockups.
  • What photoshop tools I use to create the mockup.
  • How to create Smart Objects in Photoshop.

Let’s watch how to do it in 3 minutes

Where to find stock images for product mockups

Some time ago I made a list here on the blog about Free Stock Photo Sites where you can download images that you can use in your personal and commercial projects. You can also use them to create mockups for your projects. The author of the photo used for the creation of this mockup is Kate Macate from her portfolio at Unsplash

Let me explain how I did it.

Let’s start, first create a folder, named it Mockup, on this folder we are going to create a mask and for them, I started using the Pen tool

Pen Tool (P)
Select without much detail the area where we will place our design if you wish you can also use the Polygonal Lasso tool (L)

Create A7 Envelope Mockup from Free Stock Image
Pen Tool Vector
Create A7 Envelope Mockup from Free Stock Image
Selection Generated (Fig 2)

Press Ctrl key (Cmd) + Enter, to generate a selection (Fig 2), apply it to the folder as a mask, pressing Shift + click to the Add a Mask button – at the bottom of the layer panel -.

I try to be careful with details although sometimes I miss one or two, so the next thing I’ll do is use Brush Tool (B) to paint over the mask those spaces where the first selection didn’t mask

Create A7 Envelope Mockup from Free Stock Image

Brush Tool (B)
This tool and the Zoom Tool (Z) (Ctrl + + (plus)), I zoom in on the areas of the mask that still show some flaws to be masked.

Blur Tool
Use this tool is to make the mask border line softer, before applying it make sure you have the mask selected.

Create Smart Objects for A7 Envelope Card

Smart objects are layers that can contain images or objects from Photoshop or Illustrator so that the original properties are conserved and a transformation or effect filter can be applied to these layers. Imagine the Smart Object as a container and to place your image inside you only have to double click on the layer icon and a new tab will open in Photoshop if it is an image or an element of Photoshop and in Illustrator if it is an Illustrator element, save your design and the filters or the transformation made will be reflected on the images.

Create a new file with the measurements that the Smart Object will have, in this case, 5 x 7 inches, an A7 Invitation card.

Create A7 Envelope Mockup Tutorial

Let’s rename the background layer and name it A7 Envelope Card then we’ll turn that layer into a smart object

Create A7 Envelope Mockup Tutorial

It’s simple, in the layer panel select the image you want to convert to a smart object, right-click on the layer, select the option that says Convert to Smart Object, or go to the main menu Layers > Smart Objects > Convert to Smart Object.

Drag the Smart Object into the mockup’s tab and drop it, to place it properly inside the mockup’s folder so that each corner of the object is well-positioned with respect to the mask.

Next step, make photo-realistic the mockup

So we create a new folder FX, duplicate and apply the mask that has the other folder – Press Alt and with the sustained click drag and drop the mask over the FX folder –

Press Ctrl (Cmd) + Right-click on the mask, we will generate the Selection, select the background layer and copy Ctrl (Cmd) + C, then go to the FX folder and press Ctrl (Cmd) + V, to paste, change the Blend Mode to Linear Burn

Finally! Open the Smart Object, select the layer we named A7 Envelope Card, and right-click on it and choose Edit Contents.

As you can see a new window has opened, there you must place your design, File > Place Embedded, save the changes and close that tab

We’re done.

I hope the tutorial was clear and you like it, I will be uploading new tutorials soon if you have any suggestions, there are welcome!


The music used in the video is part of www.bensound.com

Top Free Stock Photo Sites

Discover in this article the biggest collection of Free Stock Photo sites to use in personal and commercial projects. Through the images, we can represent our ideas, concepts, and reality. Me as a web designer and mockup artisan I know that. And also every designer of apparel, Image and Sound or Advertising needs high-quality photos in full resolution to use as a medium or contribution to the message.

I always have to create designs for mockups and I find myself tired seeing the same images of elegant people smiling or shaking hands in a meeting room. You know how tedious it’s to search for impacting images for our project, different, natural, familiar, that represent what we really do in our day. Luckily for us, in recent years have been launched new websites that offer stock of free images.

And can be used freely?

Many of the photos on these sites are free of copyright restrictions under the creative commons public domain dedication license. This means that you can use them any way you want: modify, copy, distribute and perform, even for commercial purposes, all without asking permission. However, there will be images that require retribution so it is your task to determine which one is best for you to use in your project.

1. Unsplash

Unsplash - The internet’s source of freely usable images.

Unsplash is an elegant and very fluid site that offers a large library of thousands of high-quality photos. The community daily add new photos, save the new photos you like for future projects. All the photos published on Unsplash can be used for free and you can use them for commercial and non-commercial purposes.

2. Pexels

Top Free Stock Photo Sites - Pexels

Pexels is not just a free platform of stock photos, but also have a high-quality videos. They create challenges to motivate photographers to bring new content. A site easy to navigate with a content nicely sorted. All photos are free to use for personal an commercial purpose.

3. Kaboom Pics

Top Free Stock Photo Sites - Kaboompics

Kaboompics is a site where you can find images that represent the lifestyle, interior design and much more, coming from the inspiration of a girl with a very good eye photographic moments, she says she is here to help you visualize your world, your business, and your ideas for life. The site I really liked is super easy to use and has some interesting search filters.

4. Burst

Top Free Stock Photo Sites - Burst

Burst is a free photo stock platform powered by Shopify. A huge library that currently includes thousands of photos totally free in high resolution. Most important for any use, both personal and commercial. A project thought for designers, developers and bloggers.

5. Pixabay

Top Free Stock Photo Sites - Pixabay

Pixabay is a vibrant community of creatives who share royalty-free photos, illustrations, vectors, and videos. The content is published under the Pixabay License, making it safe to use for personal and commercial purposes.

6. Reshot

Top Free Stock Photo Sites - Reshot

Reshot is a platform to share a sample of the best works of the best emerging photographers in the world for free use in creative projects. Creatives who need visual content can explore and download freely for commercial and personal use.

7. FoodiesFeed

Top Free Stock Photo Sites - FoodiesFeed

Foodiesfeed is a site with beautiful photos of food. They give a more natural touch to what we want to represent with the photos. In addition, the content is under the Creative Commons Zero (CC0) license.

8. StockSnap.io

Top Free Stock Photo Sites - StockSnap

StockSnap contains a big collection of high-quality photos. The platform is open, so daily new photos are uploaded to the catalog for contributors. The site contains a good filter which allows to speed up the search as needed. Images are under creative commons public domain – no attribution required.

9. Picjumbo

Top Free Stock Photo Sites - Picjumbo

Picjumbo is a great project that started in 2013 and is one of the biggest sites I know about free stock photos that can be used personal and commercial projects. All the high-resolution stock images, backgrounds, and stock photos are free of charge, with no watermark.

10. Moose

Top Free Stock Photo Sites - Moose

Moose is a really interesting project for those looking for something with a more corporate and formal style, this platform has a collection of realistic photo collage in a single style.

Hey! Check out this huge collection of free stock photos sites. #freestockphoto

11. MMT STock

Top Free Stock Photo Sites - MMT STock

12. SkitterPhoto

Top Free Stock Photo Sites - SkitterPhoto

13. Life of Pix

Top Free Stock Photo Sites - Life of Pix

14. Little Visuals

Top Free Stock Photo Sites - Little Visuals

15. Picography

Top Free Stock Photo Sites - Picography

16. Freestocks.org

Top Free Stock Photo Sites - Free stock photos

17. Jay Mantri

Top Free Stock Photo Sites - Jay Mantri

18. Gratisography

Top Free Stock Photo Sites - Gratisography

19. Epicantus

Top Free Stock Photo Sites - Epicantus

20. ISO Republic

Top Free Stock Photo Sites - ISO Republic

21. Freerange Stock

Freerange Stock

22. Visual Hunt

Visual Hunt

23. Magdeleine


24. Startup Stock Photos

Startup Stock Photos

25. pngtree

Top Free Stock Photo Sites - pngtree

26. Public Domain Pictures

Public Domain Pictures

27. picspree


28. New Old Stock

New Old Stock

29. Freebiespic


30. pikwizard

Top Free Stock Photo Sites - pikwizard.com