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I bring you this series of mockups for brochures, a mockup to present a trifold brochure piece in Legal size where you can see part of both sides of the brochure.  You can use this resource to create beautiful presentations in Photoshop,


Get this clean close up view of a Legal Trifold Brochure Mockup, displaying some sneak peeks of both sides. You can use this resource to create beautiful presentations. This mockup was created keeping in mind the details of shadows and highlights, which can be customized by entering the FX folder, the purpose is to make your design look as photo-realistic as possible.


These Creatives Facebook Cover Template are designed to give you elegance, sophistication, modern and potentially highlight your art. If you are a wedding or event photographer this templates could be an extra value of your services. After all, everyone has a Facebook profile, right?.

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