3 Piece Canvas Ratio 3×4-1×2-3×4 Mockup – Left 0.75 In Wrap View to showcase photos, illustrations, and digital artworks for your print store, showing the Split canvas in perspective view, to create unique previews with 3 options of wrap side for the canvas. Use any image with a ratio of 1:2 or 30×60 cm, for an easy edition place your images inside the smart object, save time and money.


Set of 6 Portrait Canvas Ratio 3×4 Mockups for photos and illustrations/paints to sell on print stores or improve your portfolios, for full compatibility use artworks of size 30×40 cm or ratio 3×4, they are compatible with thin wraps (2cm) or standard wraps (4.5cm) side.


Create stunning views of artwork and photos in this realistic 3 Piece Wall Art Canvas Mockup for a ratio of 3×4, this is a great PSD mockup to present prints store and social media like Instagram, creating a simple but elegant presentation of your artworks and photographies as real printed Canvas.


A Bundle with a great variety of canvas mockups to show your artwork or photography as printed pieces of art with a very photo-realistic look and in high resolution to show your work in detail, use them in your store, portfolio, or your social networks.

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