What is a Graphic Mockup?

A graphic mockup is a graphic tool used by designers, photographer and creative minds to present brandings, designs and artworks as real prints objects, in a detailed three-dimensional and photo-realistic way. This allows to visualize the final product and provide feedback before printed.

One of the main advantages of using graphical mockups is that they provide a more accurate representation of the final product. This allows customers to get a better understanding of how the design will look and function in the real world.

A mockup is a high quality photomontage used in the design and advertising world to present a design to a client, such as a logo, website or artwork as a saleable product.

How do I make a purchase?

If you are viewing from the gallery when you hover the mouse over the thumnail you will see a button that says add to cart, or when you open each product page you will see a button that says Add to Cart, once you have the mockups you want to purchase, at the top of the menu in the shopping bag when you hover the mouse select Checkout. And then in the checkout page I will give you payment options like PayPal or Paddle in case you use credit cards.

After payment where do I download?

Once you make the payment in a few minutes you will receive confirmation of your purchase order to the email you entered, as well as an email with a download link of the products purchased. And if you want to download them again later you only have to access the download section in your account.

I have seen your mockups in other marketplaces with different price.

You can find my mockups in other marketplaces like Creative Market, Graphic River, Filter Grade, Yellow Image, Crella. The price difference between that market and the prices on my page, is because they charge me commissions for selling there, in some case so high, so I invite you if you like my products to buy them on my website, so you save and I get the right profits to continue creating more products like these.

I have trouble downloading files or the download go slow.

All my files are hosted on Amazon s3 servers; there is almost a no better solution for hosting big files. I suggest shutting down all apps that may use traffic, like Netflix, torrents, etc. Download files one by one and choose a time when your local network is not overloaded.

If you still have trouble with the download, please contact me, and we will provide you with alternative download links.

How to use your mockups?

In my YouTube Channel I have several videos where I show how to use some mockups. All of them have almost the same folder structure and I organized, colored and renamed each layer to make it easier to understand how to use, for example the smart objects where you usually place the design I paint them purple and they are always at the top below my signature, a red layer. Also all my PSD mockup files contain a layer called Help Guide where I explain the steps, and each mockup comes with a PDF where you have the basic guide to edit the downloaded mockup. However if you notice that something doesn’t work you can write me to check and adjust those details.

What version of Photoshop do I need?

If you have legal Photoshop, any CC version of Photoshop works perfectly my mockups, many of the older mockups published are compatible with CS5 but the mockups created since 2023 the minimum version required is CC.

When are mockups used?

Mockups are useful tools when you want to visualize a design, logo, photo, or work of art. For example, on this page you will find many canvas-focused mockups that allow you to create previews of your photographs, illustrations, or digitally painted artworks and show them as real printed canvases. You can use these images to create an online print store or simply improve the presentation of your portfolio to attract more customers.

What license do I get when I purchase the mockup in your store?

The License gives you the right to use any item purchased on carlosviloria.com in a personal or commercial project for yourself or a client, but the item cannot be resold or redistributed on its own or used in a finished, offered for sale product where the item contributes to the core value of the product being sold. Read more about the license here and if you still have doubts write me.

Do you create custom mockups?

In the last few years I have only been available for the production of mockups related to canvas and poster. Either way let me know what you think I can do for you and let’s see if we can work together.

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