Web Shadows Package Vol. 1 (Free PSD)

Today I bring something to decorate your site with a package of 8 shadows, give life to those sliders

Shadows make anything look a little better, here is a package of 8 different shades, decorating slider’s, use them in an appropriate way and give a little more life to these designs

to see download links you have to register and Login

Oh come on! you’ve found this file for free, a donation would make me very happy

  • http://charmingwp.com Ahmad

    nice thanks for sharing

  • http://carlosviloria.com/members/carlosviloria/ Carlos Viloria

    I hope you like ;)

  • http://bit.ly/artnook artnook

    Thanks Carlos :)

  • http://carlosviloria.com/members/carlosviloria/ Carlos Viloria

    your welcome, I hope you like it ;)

  • http://none Egg

    Thanks Carlos, very nice.

  • christina

    Thank you, Carlos.

  • http://www.templatexplorer.com/ Templatexplorer

    These are great. Thanks for the share!

  • Sera

    Crisp! Thank you!

  • http://web2feeds.com web2feeds

    Thanks, that’s nice of you.

  • http://www.altwebmedia.com/ Web Design Company

    This is very nice. Thank you.

  • Bill Woo

    Very nice, and subtle, designs, Carlos. Thank you very much.

    I never use FaceBook because of my strong beliefs that they violate user’s privacy, but I can, I believe, screen-shot this page, and make files of each shadow type, and study it.

    best, Bill (former Adobe programmer)

  • http://www.jhndesign.com JHN

    Great work, realistic and useful ! Thanks !

  • http://carlosviloria.com/members/guzzle/ John W

    Become a member AND connect to facebook? Gimme a break.

  • http://carlosviloria.com/members/carlosviloria/ Carlos Viloria

    Hi John W kindly tell you
    When you register to this site there is a text that says:

    “Carlos Viloria – Web Designer, free PSDs, Design Resources only publishes high quality resource for web and graphic designers. The user will download free resources with the system: Tweet To Download and Facebook Like

    If you think this is fair I invite you to register to my site and enjoy all my free graphics resources.”

    Maybe in other sites have to pay for those files, I’m giving you free, I think it’s fair.

  • http://carlosviloria.com/members/smorollon/ Sergio Morollón

    Hi Carlos,

    First of all, GREAT JOB! Congrats.

    I can’t download the Web Shadows, when trying, a 404 error pops up.
    Could you please fix it up? Or maybe send it to me by email?
    Thanks a lot.

    Kind Regards.

  • http://carlosviloria.com/members/carlosviloria/ Carlos Viloria

    yeah sorry for that i’m making some change in my servers
    You can keep track of any progress on my twitter account or facebook

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